This video is one step towards our vision of widespread education and awareness about Transgender issues in mental health care.
We know accessible, affordable and dignified health care for all our communities is possible when we all learn and work together.


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This is your chance to hear from Transgender and Genderqueer people about their range of experiences with therapists: helpful, insulting, insensitive, uplifting, pathologizing, plaguing, empowering, and healing.

Recent supporters of the panel DVD:

  • Pacific Center for Human Growth | Berkeley, CA
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  • Georg-Elias-Mueller-Institut fuer Psychologie | Goettingen, Germany
  • Edgewood Center for Children and Families | SF, CA
  • CIIS California Institute of Integral Studies | SF, CA
  • Native American AIDS Project | SF, CA
  • Alliant International University | SF, CA
  • Naropa University | Boulder, CO
  • Wright Institute | Berkeley, CA
  • Argosy University | Alameda, CA
  • Shawnee State University | Portsmouth, Ohio

Donations for Trans Clients Speak are now being gratefully accepted! Your donation will support our our all trans and genderqueer production crew an help offset the cost of editing, reproducing, and distributing the DVD. All the proceeds will go directly to making the video possible while supporting the trans and genderqueer individuals who do this education for free on a daily basis.

All profits will be donated to The Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project's (TGIJP) whose mission is to challenge and end the human rights abuses committed against Transgender, gender variant, Genderqueer and people with intersex conditions in California prisons and beyond and
EL-LA, a San Francisco program that reaches out to the Trans Latina Community in and around the mission neighborhood providing services for HIV prevention, counseling and referrals for all services available to Transgender girls and those in transition.

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The four panelists:

Ms. Billie Cooper is a trans-health advocate, a trans-peer educator for her sisters, and volunteers at The Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), Tenderloin Health, and the San Francisco Aids Foundation.

Clair Farley is a committed community leader and mentor working to support LGBTQQ youth as the Economic Development Coordinator for the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) and the star of the documentary film Red without Blue in which she and her family share their beautiful story of transition and change against all odds.

Tonilyn A. Sideco is a heartworker who enjoys breaking people out of their idleness through social justice/community theater, filmmaking through the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project, and by engaging in conversations that build bridges. She has previously served as the coordinator of the go/get out queer youth program at the Richmond Village Beacon and has most recently coordinated Queer Youth Action Projects at LYRIC.

Dylan Vade is a transgender educator and attorney who co-founded the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco and currently teaches medical students at Stanford and Touro Universities how to provide culturally competent care to transgender patients.