This video is one step towards our vision of widespread education and awareness about Transgender issues in mental health care.
We know accessible, affordable and dignified health care for all our communities is possible when we all learn and work together.



This panel and video were created by a community of people who are committed to creating affordable, accessible and dignified mental health care for all people.

Ms. Billie Cooper
Clair Farley
Dylan Vade
Tonilyn A. Sideco

Panel and Video Crew
Philipe Harrington | Producer and panel co-organizer
Elijah Nella | Panel co-organizer
Ami Puri
| Editor and Videographer
Jai Arun Ravine
| Project Manager
Amber Field
| Videographer
Alex Safron
| Videographer
Dave End
| Original music

Financial support

Ami Puri
Barbara Dean
Dan Scharlack
Deborah Stone
Evan Schloss
Kathryn Weaver
Laura Dean
Lydia Hallay
Surendra Puri
Zak Sinclair

CIIS Diversity Fund
CIIS Student Alliance

Special thanks to
Adele Carpenter, Annalise Ophelian, Antonietta Delli Carpini, Becki Tinsley, Brima Jah, Carly Lukas, Catalyst Project, Colin Wolf, Connor Dale, Dan Scharlack, Dustin Smith, Fei Hu, Jen Parr, Jim Howley, John, Madeline and Chris Nella, Julia Ellis, Kristen Crowley, Laura Dean, Lil Milagro Martinez-Cornejo, Mark Farley, Marlena Zahm, Sarah Schaafsma, Shirley Strong, Susannah End, Tim Simons, Zak Sinclair and the many other Genderqueers, Transpeople and Allies who support us.

...and all those who live their gender intentionally, proudly, loudly and unapologetically.