This video is one step towards our vision of widespread education and awareness about Transgender issues in mental health care.
We know accessible, affordable and dignified health care for all our communities is possible when we all learn and work together.


Bring Trans Clients Speak to your organization or school!

Unfortunately, transgender and genderqueer people often experience insurmountable barriers to accessing successful therapy and medical care. Either because of harmful direct experience or through the plentiful negative stories of disrespect and betrayal by medical and psychological service providers that circulate within our community, many trans people are unwilling to seek care. Due to a lack of information and experience, doctors, therapists and counseling center staff often show a lack of basic respect and empathy toward gender variant people.

The Trans Clients Speak Project is available for comprehensive trainings, video screenings, discussions and interactive workshops around transgender and genderqueer issues in mental health and academic settings. These interactive trainings are your chance to learn directly from the gender variant community and to begin healing these divisive attitudes. Our primary goal is to help you be more prepared to provide the best service possible to current and future clients who identify within the transgender galaxy or who are questioning their gender.

We cover topics including working with transgender and genderqueer clients, putting the "T" in LGBTQ, hormones, surgery, coming out, terminology, DSM controversy, our role as gatekeepers of hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgeries, how to make your workplace more accessible, being an ally in your personal and professional life and more! Email or call us today for more information. 415-735-4653

"I am grateful for you, Philipe. From your wisdom, articulateness, & passion, to your mindfulness about paper & diplomacy, you are clearly a treasure of a human being. We want you back at Edgewood!"
--Therese Noel Allen, MFT, Clinician at Edgewood Center for Children & Families, Expressive Arts Therapist & Consultant